Full disclosure: I'm in it for the sex.  Trained in the art of shape shifting, I have full control over the size and shape of my genitalia (regardless of whether or not you prefer one of the six standard genital types or one of the fifteen alternative types).

That being said, I don't hide behind a human form.  I'm green scaled and proud of it.  I walk around New York City with my metaphorical lizard dick hanging right out of my pants (but only when my physical dick isn't).

Message me if you want to have a really good time.  Or if you want to have a really bad time.  All that matters is that it will be a night you never forget. 



Hi! My name is Gul'ac'bor and I'm 2,352 years old.  I'm a fun loving Lizard Person looking for another fun loving Lizard Person to spend all of eternity with, lamenting the fact that we are immortal and thus can never taste the sweetness of death.

My hobbies include cooking, exercising, and kidnapping small human children to collect their tears for seasoning (mm! did I already say cooking??)

I'm looking for a Lizard Person who will love me for who I am and not just the politician that I morph into.



I'm former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.  God I'm so alone.

Scratch that, I don't believe in god.

I like long walks on the beach, playing golf with my friends, and the taste of sadness.

Please message me.

Reptilian singles ready to date in your sector!