Someone please help me.  I am not a Lizard Person.  I did not choose to be sold to an immortal being who tortures me daily.  My life is a living hell.  I am more of a sick pet than a person.  That being said, I've never been in a relationship before and admittedly the cuddling is really nice.

I stumbled upon while googling "easiest way to kill myself".  I still suffer from crippling depression but at least now I get to have meaningless sex with strangers once every other month!  I hope one day to make a connection with another sentient being but I guess that's a little too optimistic.  

— Galax'or The Destroyer

Dating has never been easier! I have so much trouble meeting people in real life because I'm so busy at work (I fake terrorist attacks) but I was getting sick of using other dating websites like OK Cupid, J Swipe, and  Other sites just never understood my need to connect with exclusively other Lizard People (or human slaves chosen against their will).  I found the love of my life using and for that I owe them everything!  I love you,!

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— Frank Osgood (Human Slave)

— Mik'el Ame-ri